Let's do this TOGETHER!

The Purpose & Passion Tour was inspired by a desire to share powerful gifts in an intentional space that will tap further into God’s power and create community. Our goal is to create a powerful experience that will result in a pivot point for event attendees. We will encourage each other to dream bigger, structure obtainable goals, and align with purpose.

The tour headliners, Eboni and Shelonda, are domestic violence survivors. A portion of tour proceeds will benefit a domestic violence shelter in each city.


Eboni Montsho

Eboni Montsho is committed to guiding others to overcome their past, discover their purpose and unleash their personal power. She provides ready-to-use principles that drive action on how to put yourself first and dream big again realizing that ALL things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.


Eboni understands how it feels to be alone, scared, worried, frustrated, depressed and sad. Being a teenage mother of 3, a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and growing up father-less, she identifies with what it means to struggle, be insecure, or put on a facade. She understands what it means to be the strong friend that everyone looks up to and expects to have it altogether, yet you are crumbling inside. Because she experienced many trials, upsets, stops-and-starts, it ignited a fire inside. At times when she thought life was over, her FAITH became the fuel to the fire that kept her going. Equipped with the word of God and an undying love for His people, Eboni is on a mission to interrupt thoughts of self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear, and unworthiness. Eboni shares her life testimony as a tale of aspiration to help motivate and encourage everyone she encounters by telling them “YOU HAVE THE POWER TO WIN.”


Eboni Montsho, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is an Empowerment Speaker, Accountability Coach, Author, and Business Success Strategist. Eboni has been featured in Rolling Out Magazine and interviewed by other media personalities. Eboni is dedicated to helping women to live more purpose-filled, prosperous and fulfilling lives. Eboni has unleashed a movement, using her powerful message to motivate women to grasp all that life has to offer! Eboni’s compelling and fascinating message of unleashing your personal power to excel has inspired listeners from all walks of life.


Shelonda Hassell-Adegbaye

Shelonda Hassell-Adegbaye is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, owner of Little Blessed Ones Academy/Fun In Motion Before & afterschool Program, author, and co-owner of Da’Nae Décor Events & Treats. Shelonda’s brand “The S.H.A. Experience” is devoted to Inspire, motivate, and push you to Dream Again! She is the founder of “Who Is She" Ministries and Chicago’s Black Mom’s Rock Organization. These two both fall under the umbrella of The S.H.A. Experience Brand.


Shelonda is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is a wife to Minister Jimson J. Adegbaye,  with one beautiful daughter, Dasmine. She is the third child of eight to Mr. Edgar & Mrs. Diane Hassell. She has always been destined to help others. She lives by the motto: It’s a mandate from Christ to help and give to others. She is currently chairperson of the Women’s Ministry at Jackson Boulevard Christian Church located on Chicago’s west side. Her passion is working with broken women and she loves what she does. Her purpose is to support and help other women complete tasks and learn steps to believing again.


After being in a domestic violence marriage for over 17 years she decided to take her experience and turn them into testimonies to help break others free. In the past, she led women to victory and deliverance through The Women of Divine Deliverance Ministry. Also in the past she was co- owner of Essential Piece Women’s Networking Company where women came together for different events to teach and help support each other.

Stand Up Survivor is an organization that is dedicated to educating, empowering, and equipping survivors of Domestic Violence. Operating under the principle that if people are educated about domestic violence, they can help change it. The organization works to prevent domestic violence and to assist survivors in coping with the aftermath. The organization exists to listen, encourage, and support survivors.  The goal is for survivors to live, to heal, to process, and to thrive!  In order to fulfill the stated purpose of the organization, Stand Up Survivor recognizes the importance of the strategic planning process to effectively meet goals of education, increasing awareness, intervention, and empowerment.